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New EULA: Summary of changes

On March 21, 2023, we made minor edits to our license agreement (EULA) based on community feedback we received in the last months.

As all changes are in your favor, the updated terms become binding by publication on the Kirby website for all licenses granted by or transferred to our new team company Content Folder GmbH & Co. KG.

In particular, we have changed the following:

Your rights

  • We have updated the section on license termination. You still have the right to terminate the license agreement at any time. However we restricted our own right of termination so that we can only do so on violation of or non-compliance with the license terms. We never intended to terminate licenses arbitrarily and now this is written in black and white to give you and your clients legal certainty.


  • We made explicit that a license transfer results in the transfer of all rights and obligations from the license agreement to the new licensee at the moment we confirm the transfer.
  • We have clarified that copies of and edits to our source code are also allowed for the purpose of code contributions back to our GitHub repository.
  • We declare that you are allowed indefinite use of all Kirby versions that are covered by the respective license.