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Episode 86

27 Feb 2024

At times, when anti-democratic and anti-human sentiments are reaching a new high around the world, it is more important than ever to realize what’s at stake and to act, each of us in their capacity.

As the Kirby team, we not only see it as our responsibility as individuals, but also as a company to take a clear stance in favor of a diverse society and a free democracy. And not only with the power of words, but also financially. Starting today, for every purchased license, we will donate 1 Euro to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation for their work on reinforcing a democratic civil society. If you want, you can match our donation during the checkout process.

Kirby security releases

We released several security releases for all currently supported Kirby versions:

Check out the release notes for the vulnerabilities that have been fixed and for guidelines if you are affected and should update your installations. Kirby 4.1.1 also contains several useful enhancements and fixes.

New checkout

We have also launched a brand new interface for purchasing Kirby licenses, integrating volume discounts and the new optional donation in a clear and straightforward way:

Check it out (pun intended) and let us know what you think. 🙂

Kirby in the wild

Nahuel Gerth Visual Communication


Leipzig, Germany 📍

Thursday, February 29, 2024, 18:00 PM (CET)

Kirby Meetup Leipzig

And latest dates now also on our website: Get together and connect with other Kirby developers around the world or meet face-to-face at a local meetup.

Kirby learning

Bastian recorded two super helpful new screencasts, make sure to check them out:

Faster with caching is all about speeding up more complex projects with Kirby's powerful caching engine.

In One minute installation with Laravel Herd you learn how to set up a Kirby project with Laravel Herd, a local development environment for macOS and soon Windows.

And we also have a new cookbook recipe:

Kirby meets DDEV, a Docker-based local development environment, also very easy to set up on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Kirby plugins

The Kirby Obfuscate Email plugin provides two field methods to obfuscate single or multiple email addresses.

Imagex helps you orchestrate modern, responsive and performant images in Kirby.

Love Japanese culture and nature? Check out the Kirby Microseasons plugin.

Kirby cosmos

Goodbye Astro: A short read why Marcel says hello to Kirby for his blog.

PHP CMS comparisons #4 - Filesizes revisited: Light but oh so powerful!

Dominik Laube and Alex Bürner in a podcast with Bastian about "Kirby CMS, Hypekurven und Hände verbrennen" (German).

This & That

Dark Visitors collects a list of known AI agents on the internet, providing insight into the hidden ecosystem of autonomous chatbots and data scrapers crawling across the web. Protect your website from unwanted AI agent access.

In the same line, the role of robots.txt to keep out unwanted crawlers.

The discussion about merge commits is not new. However, here are strong reasons why (large) companies avoid merge commits.

Indigo is a new Mac app that provides a local development environment, still in beta testing phase, though.

Forms are hard, making them accessible even more so. Here's a short guide how to indicate mandatory fields in an accessible way.

As a general rule, you should never prevent forms being filled by password managers, in fact, this is also required by the WCAG Accessible Authentication criterion. In case you need to do it nevertheless for some reason, the linked article tells you how.

Josh Comeau explores the difference between assignment and mutation in JavaScript in his article The 'const' deception.

What is utility-first CSS? A petulant rant on Tailwind CSS and co.

"Visually hidden content is a hack that needs to be resolved, not enshrined", writes Scott O'Hara.

WXT is a framework for creating cross-browser extensions.

"The future of creativity and culture depends on upholding human stories, values and vision. Not cheapening them." (Joan Westenberg, Democratization covers all manner of sins).