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Episode 36

05 Jul 2019

Are you in a learning mood? During the last couple of weeks, Bastian has recorded several live streams for beginners and advanced users. Don't worry if you missed them, you can find all the links on the forum in the Tutorial videos category.

Last Tuesday we published Kirby 3.2.1-rc1 with a few fixes, the final release will arrive this Tuesday.

Kirby in the Wild

Bruno Moinard Editions

Push Conference

Kirby Plugins

Our developers published a few very interesting plugins:

With Kirby Reporter, users can report issues they find in your web project directly from Kirby's Panel. Currently works with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket Cloud.

The template language aficionados among you will be happy to hear there is now support for the Blade template language with Kirby Blade.

Turn your Kirby website into a static site with the Kirby 3 static site generator.

The Better Rest plugin exposes the internal REST API at /rest and converts Kirbytags to HTML in the process. Intended to convert Kirby into a headless CMS.

Always test third-party plugins thoroughly before using them in production.

Kirby Cookbook recipes

Hristiyan Dodov wrote a cookbook recipe that explains how to set up multiple plugins with PHPUnit testing under a single Kirby installation.

Do you want to share your Kirby insights with the community as well? We will be happy to publish your recipes!


In "Why I'm still using jQuery in 2019“, Martin Tournoij discusses why it might still be useful to use jQuery although it seems to be out of fashion nowadays.

If you need to parse CSV files in the browser, check out Papa Parse, a CSV parser for JavaScript. It converts CSV to JSON and vice versa.


Create responsive layouts with CSS custom properties and em units.

Two articles share how to create responsive tables: "Making Tables Responsive With Minimal CSS" by Bradley Taunt and "Flexible data tables with CSS Grid" by Adam Lynch.

Tools & Resources

With RecordScreen, you can record your screen right in the browser without installing any tools.

The Feature Queries Manager is an add-on for Firefox that lets you toggle between CSS features behind @supports feature queries.

On Degreeless.design Tregg Frank collects links to resources that might be useful if you want to learn about (UX, UI etc.) design.

The Sizzy browser was made to help with responsive web design (paid subscription).


Mozilla's TrackThis tool shows the effects of ad trackers if you do not protect your privacy: Choose a persona, and it opens 100! tabs in your browser fooling trackers with your newly pretended interests. See targeted ads for this type of persona show up when you browse the web again. (Note that this tool does not protect your privacy, it's just an experiment).

If you want to protect your users' privacy, Google's new reCaptcha is not the best idea.

"Smile, Your City Is Watching You": A New York Times article about the impact of "smart city" technologies on privacy and what local governments have to do to protect their citizens.

Last Minute

User Inyerface, a really frustrating game.

Privacy friendly alternative to Doodle: