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Order of KirbyText/KirbyTags hooks

Available hooks

When you call the kirbyText()/kt() field method, a lot of stuff happens to the raw text until the final result is rendered. During this process, four different hooks are called:

But in which order are these hooks called and what does this mean when we want to do something when these hooks are triggered?

Order of hooks

The hooks are called in the following order:

  1. kirbytext:before
  2. kirbytags:before
  3. kirbytags:after
  4. kirbytext:after


The kirbytext:before hook is triggered before any parsing is applied to the raw text. At this state, you can therefore manipulate the raw text of the field.


The kirbytags:before hook kicks in directly afterwards, i.e. before KirbyTags are parsed, but after modifications through a kirbytext:before hook.


The kirbytags:after hook kicks in after modifications through a kirbytags:before hook and after all KirbyTags are parsed, but before Markdown and SmartyPants are parsed.


The final hook is the kirbytext:after hook. Changes you make in this hook are applied to the rendered HTML after Markdown and SmartyPants are parsed. You could therefore use this hook to replace or modify HTML tags, e.g. replace all headings with anchor headings and stuff like that.

By choosing the right hook, you have full control over what modifications happen when and what further modifications are applied.