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Design & Development Studio

Kirby Partner

Istanbul, Turkey
1 person
I speak English & Turkish

My expertise

  • Visual communication design
  • UI / UX design
  • Typography
  • Design system
  • Web development:
  • Custom Kirby implementations
  • Kirby extensions
  • Generative Design

About me

Kozmoz is a visionary design & development studio based in Istanbul, Turkey.
We specialize in crafting digital experiences, offering services for creating and supporting digital products and applications.

Kozmoz offers a diverse range of services tailored to clients' scope and needs:


We ignite creativity and assist in the ideation phase, helping clients refine their concepts and set clear project goals.


Our design services encompass captivating visual communication, user interface (UI) design, seamless user experience (UX) design, dynamic physical interaction design, and pioneering expertise in web design.


We specialize in PHP, Node.js, SQL, and Kirby programming for back-end development, while leveraging HTML5, SASS, JavaScript, React, and Vue for the front-end, ensuring robust and cutting-edge solutions.

Also, we do fancy creative stuff (NFT’s Generative design), using processing, p5js, arduino and pure javascript.

Have an idea?

Say Hi! to hello@kozmoz.io for your next project idea and start the conversation.