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What are the steps to become a partner?

  1. Please get in touch via our application form above. The form contains fields for the basic information we need to review your application (see the FAQ entry on "requirements to become a partner").
  2. We review your information and get in touch with you. If we accept your application, we offer a spot in the partner directory to you.
  3. You fill out our second form for your profile information. You can take your time to prepare everything and submit it to us when you are ready. At this point you also pay the fee for your first partnership year with the Paddle payment link we provide.
  4. Before we publish your profile page, you can review it through the preview link we send you. Both you and we can request or suggest changes.
  5. Once we receive your approval, we will publish your profile, and your one-year partnership will begin. Partnerships do not renew automatically.