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What does the **revenue limit for Kirby Basic** mean?

The Basic license at its discounted price is only available for projects of individuals, companies and organizations whose total yearly revenue or funding is below €1 million.

If your revenue or funding is above the limit, you need to purchase an Enterprise license at regular price. The Enterprise license does not have a revenue limit.

Revenue means all net sales or net turnover (not profit) you made through any means and not just limited to the website itself. Should you not have any sales (e.g. as a foundation, association or public authority), your ongoing funding/yearly budget is considered instead.

If you are building a website for a client (as a freelancer or agency), it is not about your own revenue, but about the revenue or funding of your client as the end-customer.

We only care about the revenue at the time of purchase. If your company becomes more successful within the next 3 years and crosses the limit, we are really happy for you. You don't need to get a different license though. We don't ask you to look into the future – we don't have a crystal ball either. Only when you purchase an upgrade at a later time, we will ask you to consider if your project then needs a different license.