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New Website

With all the pressure on the launch of Kirby 3.0, the final version of the v3 website was rather rushed and hacked together in many places. We also didn't invest a lot to refactor it afterwards and it started to get quite ugly under the hood.

We could all feel that because we really shied away from keeping it updated, which was not good. The website and especially the docs are essential for our business, and so we really had to do something about it.

After the 3.5 release, we decided to make a website sprint and release a new site in late January, early February 2021. Well, we finally finished it in April. But we all agreed that it was worth it and it finally feels great again to keep it updated.

It was time for another redesign of getkirby.com
It was time for another redesign of getkirby.com


Within just two months, we hit three different milestones by accident.

✅ 1000 PRs for Kirby 3
✅ 1000 YouTube Subscribers
✅ 1000 Discord Users

The number of PRs is a great benchmark for the consistency and quality that we managed to get into our workflow after Kirby 2. I think it's the number I'm most proud of. The team is doing an amazing job here.

I was suprised, how quickly the YouTube channel started to grow. Those are "just" instruction videos, but the feedback for them is still very positive and the number of subscribers is steadily going up. Yep, I know. I need to record new videos.

Discord is a success story and I wish we had started that server earlier. It has changed the dynamics in the community a lot.


In November, we released 3.6. It's our latest big release and introduced a new architecture update for the Panel for the coming years. With Fiber, we moved a lot of logic back to the server and simplified our Vue frontend significantly. It's our effort to keep Kirby 3 healthy, stable and fast.

2021 in numbers

Maybe because of the milestones, maybe because 2021 was a tough year because of the pandemic: It felt right to collect some more achievements. It often gets lost how much you really move forward as a team. We learned along our way that tiny consistent steps are the most effective way for us. But those tiny steps are sometimes harder to see when you don't keep track of them.

Our first wrap-up post in 10 years. Should keep those coming.
Our first wrap-up post in 10 years. Should keep those coming.