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Inertia Adapter

Create server-side rendered SPAs with Kirby, Inertia.js and your favourite framework.

What is Inertia.js?

Inertia is a new approach to building classic server-driven web apps. It works similar to the backend architecture for Kirby's Panel - but built with an ecosystem around it that works with Vue, React and Svelte.

Raw JSON data is returned from the server and rendered on the client-side. This allows you to build SPAs without having to build a separate API. Utilizing the server-side renderer, this makes perfect for websites that are heavily interactive but shouldn't suffer from SEO or performance issues.


Read the documentation to get started with Kirby and Inertia.

Support the project

This plugin is provided free of charge & published under the permissive MIT License. If you use it in a commercial project, please consider to sponsor me on GitHub to support further development and continued maintenance of Kirby Inertia.


Parts of this plugin are based on an older Inertia implementation without server-side rendering support by Jon Gacnik.


MIT License
Copyright © 2024 Tobias Möritz

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