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Restrict access of a user role to a specific page (and its children) in the Panel.

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by Bruno Meilick

Select font family and font weight with two synced fields
    type: recentlymodified
    headline: Your Recently Modified Pages

Recently Modified

by Bruno Meilick

Kirby 3 Plugin to view recently modified pages by current User (or other collections)



Using Kirby Chunky, you can easily bypass the upload limits of your server or proxy and provide fast, secure, large, and resumable uploads …


by Nico Hoffmann

Advanced redirection based on rules, supporting wildcards and HTTP status codes. Comes with a panel view, so redirects can be managed …

Retrotree Section

by Findthebug

Retrotree is a section plugin to display pages in real retro tree fashion.

Reporter for Kirby

by gearsdigital

Enables editors or clients to submit tasks, bugs and ideas to Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket or by E-Mail, straight out of the Panel!

Punctuation Section

by Johann Schopplich

Copy commonly used characters to your clipboard

Fields Block

by Jon Gacnik

Kirby block preview plugin to directly render block fields, allowing for inline editing.


by Lukas Bestle

Block plugin to embed the Roomle 3D Configurator into your Kirby site


by Lukas Kleinschmidt

Manage background processes from the panel. Define scripts like you might already be familiar with from npm. Start or stop predefined …


by Thomas GĂĽnther

Subpages for modular Kirby websites

Column Block

by Roman Gsponer

Use columns in block fields based on the layout field! Supports Paste and Drag&Drop!

Form Block

by Roman Gsponer

This form plugin for Kirby offers you maximum flexibility and usability. It can be used as a block anywhere you needed. Even multiple times …

Grid Block

by Roman Gsponer

With this plugin you can use layouts right within any blocks field!
  singleLanguage: true
  hideStatus: true
  hideOptions: true

Panel View Extended

by Matthias MĂĽller

Add more specific CSS classes and features to the panel views

Responsive images

by Marcel Hieke

Manage responsive image settings within the Kirby3 panel.

Move Pages

by oweb studio

Missing move pages feature for Kirby 3.

PagesDisplay Section

by Roman Steiner

Display any page list in a section. Any parent, many parents, filtered, don't care.
  type: info
  label: Woofling warning
  theme: negative
  whenQuery: barsters > 30


by Roman Steiner

Conditionally show and hide your fields and sections by evaluating a query expression.

Custom Add Fields

by Steirico

This plugin allows to define the fields shown on Kirby's page add dialog in the corresponding page's blueprint.


by Sylvain Julé

Display subpages in a flexible, sortable and searchable table.

FilesDisplay Section

by Sonja Broda

Display files from anywhere in your site in a section. This section only displays files, you cannot sort them manually or upload new files.

Other plugins by Sylvain Julé


by Sylvain Julé

Add interactive areas to mark people, cooking ingredients, technical details or any other interesting parts of an image.


by Sylvain Julé

Content aware image cropping

Color Extractor

by Sylvain Julé

Extract the dominant / average color from any image

Color Palette Field

by Sylvain Julé

A color palette field, helping you pick predefined colors / palettes


by Sylvain Julé

Display embeds from various media sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Instagram, etc.) by only providing the url to the medium
[^This is a footnote.]


by Sylvain Julé

This plugin extends Kirby 3 with some basic, extremely easy and unopinionated footnote functionalities.

Illustrated Checkboxes

by Sylvain Julé

Add images to your checkbox options in this field, to provide an intuitive selection interface for your editors

Illustrated Radios

by Sylvain Julé

Combine images with radio buttons in this field, to provide an intuitive selection interface for your editors


by Sylvain Julé

A simple map & geolocation field, built on top of open-source services and Mapbox.


by Sylvain Julé

Displays most important metrics of the extensive open-source tracking solution Matomo directly into the panel and provides helpers for …


by Sylvain Julé

Display subpages in a flexible, sortable and searchable table.


by Sylvain Julé

Add enhanced and missing structure previews for various fields in the panel


by Sylvain Julé

Kirby field for synchronizing content with audio/video files