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Related plugins


by Adam Kiss

Plugin that provides heroicons as snippets to embed, customisable with a class argument.


by Bruno Meilick

Plugin to convert your files to other file types (i.e. mov to animated gif), using cloudconvert.com


by Bruno Meilick

Thumb component to optimize images using the ImageOptim Api


by diesdas.digital

If this plugin gets activated, it will serve all images via imgix.

Convert JPG and PNG to WEBP

by Felix Häberle

This plugin converts JPG, JPEG and PNG into much smaller WEBP – speed up your website!


by hana+nils

Tiles is a plugin to serve basic vector map tiles (.mbtiles). The plugin provides routes for styles, tilejson and vector tiles that can be …


by Hash&Salt

A snippet and Kirby tag for using WebP images in templates and within textareas. This plugin will convert uploaded files to WebP on the …

Blurry Placeholder

by Johann Schopplich

Blurry image placeholders and progressive image loading for better UX


by Thomas GĂĽnther

Automatically generates an SVG favicon
return [
    'medienbaecker.autoresize' => [
        'maxWidth' => 2000,
        'maxHeight' => 2000,
        'quality' => 90


by Thomas GĂĽnther

Automatically resize images on upload


by Tobias Möritz

Optimized image placeholders with the BlurHash algorithm

ImageMagick Extended

by Tobias Möritz

Extend Kirby's built-in ImageMagick driver, work better with GIFs and APNGs


by Tobias Möritz

Smarter image placeholders with the ThumbHash algorithm – supports transparency!
return [
  'werbschaft.uploadExtended' => [
    'rename'            => true,
    'excludeCharacters' => ['_','__'],
    'tinyPng'           => true,

Upload Extended

by Werbschaft

More options when uploading files like name changes, resizing via Kirby or compression and optional resizing via TinyPNG.

Other plugins by Sylvain Julé


by Sylvain Julé

Add interactive areas to mark people, cooking ingredients, technical details or any other interesting parts of an image.


by Sylvain Julé

Restrict access of a user role to a specific page (and its children) in the Panel.

Color Extractor

by Sylvain Julé

Extract the dominant / average color from any image

Color Palette Field

by Sylvain Julé

A color palette field, helping you pick predefined colors / palettes


by Sylvain Julé

Display embeds from various media sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Instagram, etc.) by only providing the url to the medium
[^This is a footnote.]


by Sylvain Julé

This plugin extends Kirby 3 with some basic, extremely easy and unopinionated footnote functionalities.

Illustrated Checkboxes

by Sylvain Julé

Add images to your checkbox options in this field, to provide an intuitive selection interface for your editors

Illustrated Radios

by Sylvain Julé

Combine images with radio buttons in this field, to provide an intuitive selection interface for your editors


by Sylvain Julé

A simple map & geolocation field, built on top of open-source services and Mapbox.


by Sylvain Julé

Displays most important metrics of the extensive open-source tracking solution Matomo directly into the panel and provides helpers for …


by Sylvain Julé

Display subpages in a flexible, sortable and searchable table.


by Sylvain Julé

Add enhanced and missing structure previews for various fields in the panel


by Sylvain Julé

Kirby field for synchronizing content with audio/video files