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<kb:date format="d/m/Y" field="date" />

Write custom HTML tags, powered by PHP

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$url  = '';
$feed = new FeedReader($url);



by Uwe Gehring

Plugin to show feeds. The FeedReader plugin provides an unified access to the elements of a feed. A feed might be of type RSS, Atom or JSON …

Kirby Vite

by arnoson

A set of helper functions to get the correct path to your versioned css and js files generated by Vite.
    'title'       => 'Latest articles',
    'link'        => 'blog'

Feed and Sitemap

by Bruno Meilick

Generate a RSS or JSON-Feed or XML-Sitemap from a collection of pages
<?= $page->thumbsUp()->ecco('πŸ‘', 'πŸ‘Ž') ?>

Field Ecco

by Bruno Meilick

Field method to echo strings based on the boolean value of a field
<article id="{{ page.slug }}">
  <h2>{{ page.title }}</h2>
  {{ page.text }}

Handlebars Templates

by Bruno Meilick

Component, snippet and page method for semantic templates with Handlebars and Mustache
<?= $page->myfield()->htmlPurify() ?>

HTML Purifier

by Bruno Meilick

Static class method, Uniform-Guard and Field-Method to filter your "dirty" HTML inputs to "clean" HTML.
<?php if ($page->isMobile()): ?>
  Nice mobile phone!
<?php endif ?>

Mobile Detect

by Bruno Meilick

Static class and page methods for using the mobile detect lib
<?= $page->random('words', 'lorem', 5) ?>


by Bruno Meilick

Kirby tag and page method to generate various random values
$pages->bettersearch($string, $options)

Better Search

by Bart Vandeputte

Search for full word combinations rather than just individual words.

Laravel Mix Helper

by Diverently

Use the mix helper function to get the correct path to your versioned CSS and JS files generated by Laravel Mix.

Consent Gate

by fendinger

This plugin blocks the loading of content from external sources. The content is only loaded if a consent is accepted (GDPR compliant). The …
$point = Geo::point(49.4883333, 8.4647222);

echo $point->lat();
echo $point->lng();


by Kirby Team

This plugin adds basic geo search and conversion functionalities to Kirby
foreach ($page->fruits()->toChoices() as $fruit) {
    echo $fruit;


by hana+nils

Choices is a plugin that provides methods to manage field options in the frontend. For any field – like select, multiselect or checkboxlist …
// using the username

// using the page title

// using the filename

List Methods

by hana+nils

List Methods is a plugin providing methods to generate comma-separated list from collections like pages, users or files. It allows for …
snippetWhen('article', $category->isNotEmpty())

snippetWhen Helper

by hana+nils

snippetWhen is a helper function to conditionally embed snippets.
<?= $page->text()->toTree()->level(3) ?>

Tree Methods

by hana+nils

Tree Methods converts field values to HTML and helps adapting the resulting markup by changing headline hierarchy, wrapping and filtering …

Type Methods

by hana+nils

Type Methods is a plugin helping to identify the type of an object, either page, user or file, in order to simplify logic in snippets that …

XSLT Templates

by hana+nils

Template component for XSLT support in your templates. It let's you specify the needed data for each blueprint which is then provided as …
<?= $page->text()->chopper(20) ?>


by Hash&Salt

Create excerpts from fields and define the HTML tags you wish to keep
<?= $file->id3('artist') ?>


by Hash&Salt

Read ID3 tags from audio files and use it in your templates.
    label: Paste code here
    type: blocks
      - code


by Johann Schopplich

Server-side syntax highlighting for the Kirby code block & KirbyText

Blade Templates

by Lukas Leitsch

Use Laravel Blade templates for your Kirby site
πŸ“ snippets
β”œβ”€ πŸ“„ header.controller.php
└─ πŸ“„ header.php
return [
    'title' => site()->title(),

Snippet Controller

by Lukas Kleinschmidt

Define snippet controllers in a similar way to page controllers.
<a href="<?= $page->url() ?>/like/toggle">
    ❀️ <?= $page->likeCount() ?>

<a href="<?= $page->url() ?>/like/add">πŸ‘</a>
<a href="<?= $page->url() ?>/like/remove">πŸ‘Ž</a>


by Thomas GΓΌnther

Super simple plugin that adds routes, a page method and a panel field so you can easily add likes/hearts/votes to your pages.
<?php snippet('cookie-modal', [
    'assets'      => true,
    'showOnFirst' => true,
    'features'    => [...],
]) ?>

Cookie Consent Modal

by Michael Scheurich

A customizable cookie consent modal for Kirby3.
<?= $page->myfield()->inherit() ?>

Kirby Inherit

by Microman

If the current field is empty or does not exist, it gets the same field from the parent pages. It goes all the way to the site.
<?= $page->author()->byline() ?>


by David Somers

Field methods to create plain or linked bylines from single or multiple authors
return [
  'omz13.feeds.cacheTTL' => 60,
  'omz13.feeds.firehose' => 'articles',


by David Somers

Provides feeds in the most popular formats (RSS, Atom & JSON), generated from a collection of e.g. blog articles or press releases.
<?php snippet('detect-adblock') ?>

Detect Adblock

by oweb studio

Detect ad blockers and manage the warning messages that will be displayed for Kirby 3.


by oweb studio

Plates native PHP template engine/system for Kirby 3.

Template Stacks

by oweb studio

Template stacks allows you to push to named stacks which can be rendered somewhere else in another snippet or template.
<?php snippet('cookie') ?>

Cookie Approval

by Timo Schneider

Add a cookie approval banner to your templates
foreach ($page->related($options) as $p) {
  echo $p->title();


by Sonja Broda

Fetch related pages/files based on matching values in a given field
foreach ($page->similar($options) as $p) {
  echo $p->title();


by Sonja Broda

Find items related to the current item based on similarity between fields

Twig Templates

by wearejust

Add support for Twig templates to your Kirby installation
<?= $page->title()->kirbytextWrap('h1') ?>


by Yoan MaliΓ©

Parse Kirbytext and wrap the result in an HTML element of your choice

Other plugins by Hash&Salt


by Hash&Salt

This plugin lets you serve a subpage to page A as if it was page A, to 50% of the visitors.
<?= $page->text()->chopper(20) ?>


by Hash&Salt

Create excerpts from fields and define the HTML tags you wish to keep
<div class="field">
    <?= label('Name', 'name') ?>
    <?= input('text', 'name') ?>


by Hash&Salt

A small plugin for creating HTML forms more easily.
<?= $file->id3('artist') ?>


by Hash&Salt

Read ID3 tags from audio files and use it in your templates.
$datelist = $site->recurr(
    '2022-09-10 20:00:00',
    '2022-09-11 02:00:00',
    ['WE', 'TH', 'FR'],


by Hash&Salt

This plugin integrates the Recurr library to make it easier to work with repeating dates (like events on a calender).
<?= $site


by Hash&Salt

Easily generate JSON schema for any kind of structured data in the RDFa specification.
<?php snippet('seo/meta') ?>


by Hash&Salt

A small plugin for generating meta data using shared controllers and field data. Also creates Facebook Opengraph and Twitter social sharing …


by Hash&Salt

Helps integrate Snipcart into a Kirby site


by Hash&Salt

A wrapper around twitteroauth. Allows you to display tweets on your website without having to use Twitters embedded timelines.
(vidembed: video.mp4 poster: poster.jpg)


by Hash&Salt

A Kirby tag and snippet for rendering video players inside textareas


by Hash&Salt

A snippet and Kirby tag for using WebP images in templates and within textareas. This plugin will convert uploaded files to WebP on the …
$site->holidays('France', 2022);


by Hash&Salt

Get a list of official public holidays and the dates they fall on for any country and year.