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New Panel classes

Moved classes

Before 3.6 In 3.6
Kirby\Cms\Panel Kirby\Panel\Panel
Kirby\Cms\PanelPlugins Kirby\Panel\Plugins

New classes

The new namespace also holds some new classes, e.g. Kirby\Panel\Page or Kirby\Panel\File. We moved some Panel-related methods from the normal model classes to these, e.g. in case of $page:

Before 3.6 In 3.6
Kirby\Cms\Page::dragText() Kirby\Panel\Page::dragText()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelId() Kirby\Panel\Page::id()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelImage() Kirby\Panel\Page::image()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelOptions() Kirby\Panel\Page::options()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelPath() Kirby\Panel\Page::path()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelPickerData() Kirby\Panel\Page::pickerData()
Kirby\Cms\Page::panelUrl() Kirby\Panel\Page::url()

We added a new ->panel() method to all models to access the Panel objects, so $page->panelImage() is now $page->panel()->image().

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