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Namespace changes

We reorganized internal packages and namespaces quite a bit with 3.6.

New Kirby\Filesystem namespace

We refactored many file-related classes and started to gather all of them in the new Kirby\Filesystem namespace. #3285, #3290

Before 3.6 In 3.6 Description
Kirby\Toolkit\File Kirby\Filesystem\File Everything related to a file in the filesystem - takes over a lot of functionality that was previously part of Kirby\Image\Image even for non-images
Kirby\Image\Image Kirby\Image\Image now extends Kirby\Filesystem\File and adds image-related methods (e.g. dimensions, exif)
Kirby\Cms\FileFoundation Kirby\Filesystem\IsFile adds method-proxying to an asset object - either to Kirby\Filesystem\File or Kirby\Image\Image depending on the file type of the $root property
Kirby\Cms\Asset Kirby\Filesystem\Asset
Kirby\Cms\Filename Kirby\Filesystem\Filename
Kirby\Toolkit\Dir Kirby\Filesystem\Dir
Kirby\Toolkit\F Kirby\Filesystem\F
Kirby\Toolkit\Mime Kirby\Filesystem\Mime

Moved and merged classes

We also moved and merged some more classes to simplify our setup:

Before 3.6 In 3.6 Reference
Kirby\Cms\Form Kirby\Form\Form #3312
Kirby\Cms\KirbyTag Kirby\Text\KirbyTag #3296
Kirby\Cms\KirbyTags Kirby\Text\KirbyTag #3296

For all these changes, we have added class aliases that we will keep around until at least Kirby 4. This will make sure that your class references continue to work.

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