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  • User::changeEmail() and System::register() now convert the provided email address to lowercase for better reliability #3307
  • cover option fixed for all models and list layout in section #3226
  • Fixed jump to the top of the page at ESC keydown in an overlay #3387
  • Str::accepted always a float as quality value (before default 1 as int, all actual quality values as string, e.g. '0.7') #3393
  • Str::pool(): the passed $type parameter is now treated case-insensitively #3393
  • Str::pool() now also returns a string (if set via the second argument) if an array of types is passed as first argument #3393
  • Fixed return type for Kirby\Cms\App::translation() in DocBlock #3383
  • Fixed tc() helper docblock and parameter typing #3474
  • Extending a non-existing Vue component is ignored now instead throwing an console error and breaking the Panel
  • Changing the page title no longer causes errors with slug autocorrection (e.g. from underscores to dashes) if the user does not have permissions to change the slug
  • Fixed blocks field sort handle on hover #3538
  • Fixed writer field RTL support
  • Fixed version number in settings view in RTL interface #3581
  • Fixed manual files sorting via changePosition dialog #3589

Fixed regressions from 3.6.0-alpha.1

  • Fixed dropdown issue in model views #3491
  • Fixed default permissions for Panel views #3487
  • Fixed error dialog not shown at form errors #3520
  • Fixed dialog events not being triggered
  • Fixed blueprint placeholder messages for file views with default template

Fixed regressions from 3.6.0-alpha.2

  • Fixed drag handle for picker fields #3553
  • Fixed blocks field options bar #3552
  • Fixed correct dir attribute for fields #3568
  • Styling for tabbed link highlighting works again #3576
  • Topbar is fully responsive again #3574
  • Languages get deleted without error again #3588
  • Dropdowns and dropdown buttons no longer appear above the save bar. #3554