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Extended panel views

We've implemented most parts of the popular Panel View Extended plugin to further control the styling of Panel views via CSS. The following CSS selectors are now available:

  • .k-panel[data-language] for the current content translation language
  • .k-panel[data-default-language] for the default content translation language
  • .k-panel[data-translation] for the current Panel UI/user language
  • .k-panel[data-role] for current user role
  • .k-panel[data-user] for current user ID
  • .k-page-view[data-id] for page ID
  • .k-page-view[data-template] for page's intended template
  • .k-file-view[data-id] for file ID
  • .k-file-view[data-template] for file's template
  • .k-user-view[data-id] for user ID
  • .k-user-view[data-role] for user's role
  • .k-site-view[data-id] for site ID (/)
  • .k-site-view[data-template] for site's template (site)
  • .k-languages-dropdown for content translation language dropdown
  • .k-page-view-options.k-file-view-options and .k-user-view-options for options dropdown on model views
  • .k-page-view-preview.k-file-view-preview.k-site-view-preview and .k-user-view-preview for preview button on model views
  • .k-pages-section .k-item[data-id].k-pages-section .k-item[data-status] and .k-pages-section .k-item[data-template]
  • .k-files-section .k-item[data-id] and .k-files-section .k-item[data-template]
  • .k-status-icon .k-status-icon-{status} for the page's status button