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  • The video embedding helpers and methods now use a much more robust URL parser with support for local and remote URLs. The same parser is used in the Panel for consistency. #3074
  • The avif file extension is now considered viewable #2877
  • Invalid media URLs now render the full error page instead of a simple error to avoid information leaks and to allow overriding the error behavior with custom code on the error page #3202
  • F::relativepath() now supports file paths with an unrelated base by prefixing ../ to build a relative path #3267
  • Improved API error paths when using custom directory setup
  • Html::encode() uses the ENT_QUOTES constant now for htmlentities(), converting both double and single quotes
  • F::size and F::niceSize accept array of file paths
  • Dir::size() has new $recursive parameter
  • The new license root allows to store the license outside of the config dir for easier deployments and multi-site setups.
  • The default block snippet for the image block now escapes the content output from the source, alt and link fields. This protects against XSS attacks against site visitors.
  • Str::widont applies to punctuation with gap
  • The Data\Json::decode() and Data\Xml::decode() methods now accept empty strings and treat them as an empty data set (empty array) for consistency with Data\Txt::decode() and Data\Yaml::decode() #3565


  • Much smaller Panel files to load
  • The license code is now only displayed to admins
  • The loading indicator of the Panel is now located in the breadcrumb
  • New theme property for k-dropdown-content to switch between dark (default) and light dropdowns
  • $model->panel()->image() now supports a second parameter to specify layout (default is cards) #3425
  • New $store.dispatch("content/clear") Vuex action that removes all unsaved changes from localStorage.
  • New JS helper to deep-merge objects (helpers/object.js)
  • New $helper.color helper for turning a string into a valid CSS color value
  • New Panel class alias for Kirby\Panel\Panel
  • Writer field: marks (floating toolbar buttons) now show tooltips
  • Blocks without fields don't open empty drawer anymore (e.g. new line block)
  • $t() JS helper now supports a fallback value as third parameter
  • Enhanced CSS support for RTL Panel interface #3556
  • New v-direction directive to set the dir attribute based on the current content translation #3568
  • File view uses stable preview link for files (instead of media folder URL) #3575