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  • The page() helper now throws a deprecation warning if multiple IDs get passed. Will be enforced in 3.7.0 by only returning the first page. Use pages() for multiple pages instead.
  • pages() will now throw a deprecation warning if single ID gets passed. Will be enforced in 3.7.0 by always returning a Pages collection. Use page() for a single page instead.
  • Creating a Kirby\Cms\File without a parent property has been deprecated and throws a warning. Starting in 3.7.0 the property will be required and cause a breaking error if not passed. #3372
  • Str::template(): the parameters $fallback, $start and $end have been deprecated and throw a deprecation warning. Use instead an $options array with fallback, start and/or end keys as third parameter.
Deprecated Throws warning Removed in Use instead
GET pages/(:any)/children/blueprints yes 3.7.0 GET pages/(:any)/blueprints
GET site/children/blueprints yes 3.7.0 GET site/blueprints
API field page.panelIcon yes 3.7.0 page.panelImage
API field file.panelIcon yes 3.7.0 file.panelImage
Kirby\Cms\App::setLocale() yes 3.7.0 Kirby\Toolkit\Locale::set()
Kirby\Cms\Block::_key() yes 3.7.0 Kirby\Cms\Block::type()
Kirby\Cms\Block::_uid() yes 3.7.0 Kirby\Cms\Block::id()
Kirby\Toolkit\I18n::fallback() yes 3.7.0 Kirby\Toolkit\I18n::fallbacks()[0]
GET (:all)/lock yes 3.7.0 -
GET (:all)/unlock yes 3.7.0 -
Vuex heartbeat module yes 3.7.0 -
$model->dragText() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->dragText()
$model->panelIcon() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->image()
$model->panelImage() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->image()
$model->panelImageSource() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->imageSource()
$model->panelPath() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->path()
$model->panelPickerData() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->pickerData()
$model->panelOptions() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->options()
$model->panelUrl() 3.7.0 3.8.0 $model->panel()->url()
Kirby\Toolkit\Str::isUrl() 3.7.0 3.8.0 Kirby\Toolkit\V::url()