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XML Sitemap

return [
  'omz13.xmlsitemap' => [
    'cacheTTL' => 60,
    'includeUnlistedWhenSlugIs' => [...],

Generates a sitemap for search engines. Can be configured to include/exclude certain pages and more.

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<html <?= $site->langAttr() ?>>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <?= $page->htmlhead() ?>


by Bruno Meilick

Add a best-practice HTML head element to your templates, extendable with snippets
return [
    'bnomei.robots-txt' => [
        'content' => '...'


by Bruno Meilick

Manage the robots.txt from Kirby's config file

Seobility – Keyword check

by Bruno Meilick

Plugin to use the free and paid API of like the keyword check
<?php snippet('jsonld') ?>

Structured data

by Christian Fickinger

Advanced SEO for structured data to organize and connect microdata based on JSON Linked Data format (JSON-LD).



Win every SEO fight. MetaKnight is a handy SEO plugin for the flat-file CMS Kirby. It has mighty powers.


by Fabian Michael

All-in-one solution to all of your SEO/OpenGraph/JSON-LD/sitemap.xml needs.
<?= $site


by Hash&Salt

Easily generate JSON schema for any kind of structured data in the RDFa specification.
<?php snippet('seo/meta') ?>


by Hash&Salt

A small plugin for generating meta data using shared controllers and field data. Also creates Facebook Opengraph and Twitter social sharing …

Multilanguage XML Sitemap

by Isaac Bordons

Multilingual (or not) XML Sitemap generator. Options for Ignore/Include and Images


by Moritz Ebeling

Favicon with minimal setup
  type: headline
  label: well-known
  numbered: false

  extends: omz13/wellknown


by David Somers

Provide files like /robots.txt, .well-known, etc.
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <?= $page->metaTags() ?>

Meta Tags

by Pedro Borges

HTML meta tags generator that supports Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and JSON Linked Data out of the box

Other plugins by David Somers