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snippetWhen Helper

snippetWhen is a helper function to conditionally embed snippets.

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Related plugins

  • Choices

    by hana+nils · Büro für Gestaltung

    Choices is a plugin that provides methods to manage field options in the frontend. For any field – like select, multiselect or checkboxlist – that offers options settings in the blueprint, this plugin will load and return the readable text values for the keys stored in the content file. It works with static options directly set in the blueprint as well as dynamic ones loaded via query or api settings.

  • Date Methods

    by hana+nils · Büro für Gestaltung

    Date Methods is a plugin that allows for advanced date and time parsing and formatting using PHP's core date objects. It offers methods for fields to handle single dates, methods for pages to handle multiple dates (ranges) and also provides helper functions to simplify working with dates and times in general.

  • List Methods

    by hana+nils · Büro für Gestaltung

    List Methods is a plugin providing methods to generate comma-separated list from collections like pages, users or files. It allows for custom field selection for the list value, optional conjunctions for the last item (e. g. "and") and custom links for each item that can be defined using Kirby's query language (e. g. `{{page.url}}`).

  • Type Methods

    by hana+nils · Büro für Gestaltung

    Type Methods is a plugin helping to identify the type of an object, either page, user or file, in order to simplify logic in snippets that – for instance – handle content from both $page and $user objects.