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Recently Modified

Kirby 3 Plugin to view recently modified pages by current User (or other collections)

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by Bruno Meilick

Select font family and font weight with two synced fields



Using Kirby Chunky, you can easily bypass the upload limits of your server or proxy and provide fast, secure, large, and resumable uploads …


by Nico Hoffmann

Advanced redirection based on rules, supporting wildcards and HTTP status codes. Comes with a panel view, so redirects can be managed …

Retrotree Section

by Findthebug

Retrotree is a section plugin to display pages in real retro tree fashion.

Reporter for Kirby

by gearsdigital

Enables editors or clients to submit tasks, bugs and ideas to Github, Gitlab or Bitbucket or by E-Mail, straight out of the Panel!

Punctuation Section

by Johann Schopplich

Copy commonly used characters to your clipboard

Fields Block

by Jon Gacnik

Kirby block preview plugin to directly render block fields, allowing for inline editing.

Block Preview Fields


A block preview that directly displays the block fields, including tabs.

Reload On Save


Automatically reload the frontend when content changes are saved in the panel.

Visual Block Selector


A customized block selector that displays a preview image for each block.

Downloads Block

by Lukas Bestle

Embed a list of downloads from a central storage page with filters and search


by Lukas Bestle

Block plugin to embed the Roomle 3D Configurator into your Kirby site


by Lukas Kleinschmidt

Manage background processes from the panel. Define scripts like you might already be familiar with from npm. Start or stop predefined …


by Thomas Günther

Subpages for modular Kirby websites

Column Block

by Microman

Use columns in block fields based on the layout field! Supports Paste and Drag&Drop!

Form Block Suite

by Microman · Paid

This form plugin for Kirby offers you maximum flexibility and usability. It can be used as a block where needed. Even multiple times per …

Grid Block

by Microman

With this plugin you can use layouts right within any blocks field!
  singleLanguage: true
  hideStatus: true
  hideOptions: true

Panel View Extended

by Matthias Müller

Add more specific CSS classes and features to the panel views

Responsive images

by Marcel Hieke

Manage responsive image settings within the Kirby3 panel.

Move Pages

by oweb studio

Missing move pages feature for Kirby 3.

Custom Add Fields

by Steirico

This plugin allows to define the fields shown on Kirby's page add dialog in the corresponding page's blueprint.


by Sylvain Julé

Restrict access of a user role to a specific page (and its children) in the Panel.


by Sylvain Julé

Display subpages in a flexible, sortable and searchable table.

FilesDisplay Section

by Sonja Broda

Display files from anywhere in your site in a section. This section only displays files, you cannot sort them manually or upload new files.

Other plugins by Bruno Meilick

Kirby::plugin('bnomei/example', [
    'blueprints' => autoloader(__DIR__)
    'snippets' => autoloader(__DIR__)
    // other extensions


by Bruno Meilick

Helper to automatically load various Kirby extensions in a plugin
'bnomei.boost.cache' => [
    'type'     => 'apcu',
'cache' => [
    'uuid' => [
        'type' => 'apcu',


by Bruno Meilick

Boost the speed of Kirby by having content files of pages cached and a fast lookup based on uuids


by Bruno Meilick

Plugin to convert your files to other file types (i.e. mov to animated gif), using cloudconvert.com
$mostPopularPage = $kirbyCollection

// with collect plugin    
$mostPopularPage = $kirbyCollection


by Bruno Meilick

Adds support for Laravel collections to Kirby
return [
    'bnomei.securityheaders.headers' => [
        'X-Frame-Options'        => 'SAMEORIGIN',
        'X-XSS-Protection'       => '1; mode=block',
        'X-Content-Type-Options' => 'nosniff',

Content Security Policy

by Bruno Meilick

Simplify the content security policy headers setup for your website


by Bruno Meilick

Store project credentials and environment variables in a .env file and access them in Kirby
    'title'       => 'Latest articles',
    'link'        => 'blog'

Feed and Sitemap

by Bruno Meilick

Generate a RSS or JSON-Feed or XML-Sitemap from a collection of pages
<?= $page->thumbsUp()->ecco('👍', '👎') ?>

Field Ecco

by Bruno Meilick

Field method to echo strings based on the boolean value of a field


by Bruno Meilick

File method and css/js helpers to add hashes to assets and files


by Bruno Meilick

Select font family and font weight with two synced fields
<article id="{{ page.slug }}">
  <h2>{{ page.title }}</h2>
  {{ page.text }}

Handlebars Templates

by Bruno Meilick

Component, snippet and page method for semantic templates with Handlebars and Mustache
<html <?= $site->langAttr() ?>>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <?= $page->htmlhead() ?>


by Bruno Meilick

Add a best-practice HTML head element to your templates, extendable with snippets
<?= $page->myfield()->htmlPurify() ?>

HTML Purifier

by Bruno Meilick

Static class method, Uniform-Guard and Field-Method to filter your "dirty" HTML inputs to "clean" HTML.


by Bruno Meilick

Thumb component to optimize images using the ImageOptim Api


by Bruno Meilick

Run command – like cleaning the cache – from within the Panel via a customizable button, directly in PHP code or with a cronjob
$key  = crc32($page->url());
$data = lapse($key, function () {
    return [1, 2, 3];


by Bruno Meilick

Cache any data until the set expiration time


by Bruno Meilick

Send transactional SMS, transactional E-Mail and Campaigns with Mailjet
<?php if ($page->isMobile()): ?>
  Nice mobile phone!
<?php endif ?>

Mobile Detect

by Bruno Meilick

Static class and page methods for using the mobile detect lib
monolog()->info('test-' . time()), [
    'title' => $page->title(),
    'page'  => $page->id()


by Bruno Meilick

Use Monolog to log data to files, databases, notifications and more.

MySQL Cache Driver

by Bruno Meilick

MySQL based Cache-Driver
<?= $page->counterImage() ?>

Pageview Counter

by Bruno Meilick

Track Page view count and last visited timestamp

PHP Cache Driver

by Bruno Meilick

PHP based Cache-Driver
plop blueprint $ pages blogpost
plop template $ blogpost
plop content "Nice!" blog blogpost
plop content _ blog blogpost
plop snippet $ slideshow


by Bruno Meilick

CLI tool to generate and append to various files for Kirby3 CMS using Plop.js


by Bruno Meilick

Connect Kirby to Posthog via PHP or Javascript


by Bruno Meilick

Send transactional E-Mail with Postmark
  # current page
  qrcode: qrcode

QR Code

by Bruno Meilick

Generate QRCodes. The included Panel field will show the QRCode and trigger download on click.
<?= $page->random('words', 'lorem', 5) ?>


by Bruno Meilick

Kirby tag and page method to generate various random values
    extends: plugin-redirects3xx


by Bruno Meilick

Setup HTTP status code redirects from within the Panel

Redis Cache Driver

by Bruno Meilick

Redis based Cache-Driver
return [
    'bnomei.robots-txt' => [
        'content' => '...'


by Bruno Meilick

Manage the robots.txt from Kirby's config file

Seobility – Keyword check

by Bruno Meilick

Plugin to use the free and paid API of Seobility.net like the keyword check

SQLite Cache Driver

by Bruno Meilick

SQLite based Cache-Driver
// some code to profile

echo site()->stopwatch()->duration('myevent');


by Bruno Meilick

Profile your Kirby 3 CMS code with precision in milliseconds (or seconds).


by Bruno Meilick

Generate Storybook stories from snippets and templates

UTM Tracking

by Bruno Meilick

Automatically track events from URLs with UTM parameters and view statistics about them right in the panel.