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Updated Site, Now Site Won't Load

by iprofnet

I just updated from 2.0.1 to 2.0.6 and get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare thumb() (previously declared in /home/iprof/public_html/kirby/toolkit/helpers.php:278) in /home/iprof/public_html/site/plugins/thumb.php on line 6

When I updated, I only copied the panel and kirby folders via FTP.

Thanks for any help!


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by texnixe

The thumb plugin has been integrated into Kirby 2, so you need to remove the thumb plugin from site/plugins.

by iprofnet

@texnixe Thanks, that worked! The question is, how would I have known that? Is it posted somewhere?

Anyway, I now have the following error on the homepage of the site:
Fatal error: Cannot use object of type Obj as array in /home/iprof/public_html/kirby/toolkit/lib/a.php on line 414

by texnixe

I guess it's documented somewhere but I can't remember where that was, when updating it's always a good idea to check what has been changed (release notes, commit messages in github repos).

As regards your new error. The a.php on line 414 is the sort function, and it requires an array as input. Looks like your trying to sort an object instead.

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