Anatomy of a blueprint file

A typical blueprint file looks something like this:

// each blueprint starts with a unique title
title: Projects

// page settings
deletable: false
  preview: false

// subpage settings
  template: project

//file settings
files: false

// fields with their field types and options
    label: Title
    type:  text

    label: Text
    type:  textarea
Settings Description
blueprint title The blueprint title is very important. It will be shown to Panel users in the "Add page" dialog. It makes clear which kind of template/blueprint the user is currently selecting for the new page and thus should be unique.
page settings The page settings define if a page can be deleted, if it can be previewed etc. Learn more about page settings in the page settings section
subpage settings In the subpage settings you define if a page can have children, the templates that are allowed for these children, the max number of allowed children etc. Learn more about subpage settings in the subpages settings section
fields Blueprints can have any number of fields of different types. Learn more about available fields in the form fields section