Custom language variables

When working with multi-language site projects, you often run into the problem of needing language-specific variables/strings. Simple things like translated button labels for your contact form for example or other translatable parts, which don't need to be administrated by editors.

For such a case, Kirby has a built-in language variable management.

Add the folder /site/languages and insert a PHP file with the specific language shortcode for each available language:


Those files can contain as many custom variables as you need.



l::set('submit', 'Submit');
l::set('cancel', 'Cancel');



l::set('submit', 'Abschicken');
l::set('cancel', 'Abbrechen');

l::set also accepts an associative array:

    'submit' => 'Submit',
    'cancel' => 'Cancel',
    'next' => 'next',
    'previous' => 'previous',

Those translated variables can be used in any template, plugin or snippet:

<input type="submit" value="<?= l::get('submit') ?>" />