Translating URLs

Kirby helps you to create nice URLs for all your pages.

Such URLs are readable for your visitors as well as for search engines.

But when you are working with a multi-language site project you will be facing the problem, that those URLs should somehow be translatable.

When multiple languages are activated for your site you can add an additional URL-Key field to translated content files, to translate the foldername of a page.

Here's a quick example – English is the default language:


title: My Title
text: This is the text for the projects page


title: Mein Titel
URL-Key: projekte
text: Das ist der Text für die Projekt Seite

The URL for the English translation will be:

and the URL for the German translation will be:

You don't need to add URL-Key to your text files for your default language. Kirby will take the folder name in that case.