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Kirby is well-known and loved for its friendly community. We keep tight contact with our customers and contributors to constantly improve our product and everything around it.

Become a part of the community and join our forum. Find help, post your latest Kirby sites and just hang out with us.


Our plugin developers created dozens of fantastic plugins for Kirby. Below is a small selection of our favorite ones. You can find them all in our official plugin repository.


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Kirby grew from a one-man show to a team of dedicated developers, designers and writers.

  • Bastian Allgeier

    Bastian Allgeier


  • Sonja Broda

    Sonja Broda


  • Nico Hoffmann

    Nico Hoffmann


  • Lukas Bestle

    Lukas Bestle


  • Fabian Michael

    Fabian Michael


Our contributors

We are very lucky to have a really supportive group of developers and translators, who build plugins and help us test and plan new features for Kirby.