Kirby 2.5.9

Kirby 2.5.9 is mainly a bug fix release. We also started to refactor some important Toolkit methods. And while we were at it, we added some smaller features. Enjoy!


  • Fixed the structure field's temporary data store in multilang sites #1123
  • Proper loading indication while forms are being submitted: Prevents submitting forms multiple times
  • Fixed an error that would occur when using pages: false in the site blueprint #1112
  • Command- or control-clicking on a link in the Panel is now respected and opens the destination in a new tab #1130


  • Language detection does not fire anymore when deliberately switching languages on sites with no language at the domain root #610
  • The redirect for the ssl option is now a permanent HTTP 301 one #624
  • Fixed a regression that would break custom Smartypants components #622
  • Make sure that the height option is always set for thumb creation by $file->crop($width, $height = null, $quality = null) even if not passed to it by the user


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