Kirby 2.5.5

This release fixes a crash in the Panel when using structure fields without default value. If you use structure fields, please update to this release.

We are deeply sorry for this bug and the ones in the previous releases and will make sure that bugs like these don't happen again by releasing betas and release candidates even for minor releases in the future.

This release also fixes some other bugs and adds some minor enhancements.


  • Fixed bug in the Structure field that would crash the Panel if a structure field without default values was used #1080
  • Default values of Structure fields are now also populated for newly created pages #1080
  • Disabled user deletion button for last admin #1079
  • Changing the page template on a multilang site now cleans up old files properly #1077
  • Added missing space to file upload error message #1082
  • Fixed checkbox layout in RTL languages #1081
  • Don't display username in lowercase on login page to help with detecting caps lock #1083


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