Kirby 2.3.2


  • Update Dutch, Catalan, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek and Turkish translations
  • Second hook parameters with the object before the change, see the docs
  • Add limit option to structure field
  • Add target option for widget options to be consistent with widget titles
  • Unicode domain names in the Punycode syntax are displayed in Unicode in the dashboard (requires the PHP intl extension)
  • Ignore invalid widgets in site/widgets again instead of throwing an error (introduced in 2.3.0)
  • text and textarea fields: Fix min and max validation for numeric values to check for length of the number instead of its value (requires using the new MinLength and MaxLength validators)
  • textarea field: Unify validation code with existing text field validation
  • Enforce readonly option for structure field
  • Fix a bug where plugins would not be loaded in time to register default and site blueprints
  • Further improvements to custom folder setup compatibility
  • Fix "Error without a useful message :(" message for early errors



  • go($url = '/', $code = 302) helper now supports second argument with HTTP status code
  • Add $collection->chunk($size) method
  • New validators MinLength and MaxLength
  • New collection filters in and not in with array support
  • Collections (also applies to Pages and Files) can now be counted using the native PHP count() function
  • Add url::idn($url) method
  • $collection->sortBy() now works with umlauts and accents
  • Database queries now properly support the debug option for all query types
  • Fix error when database queries were paginated with a custom iterator (Collection is enforced now)
  • Improve use of Spyc YAML library when encoding YAML

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