Kirby 2.2.2

This release contains bug fixes and improvements for the new 2.2 release.


  • Fixed a bug for servers without GLOB_BRACE support, which broke loading blueprints
  • Fixed account folder permission issue during logins, which led to an endless redirect loop
  • Additional fields in content files are no longer removed by updates
  • Centered x in close button for messages
  • Fixed a bug for drag & drop file uploads, which showed the upload overlay even for dragged links or text
  • Fixed CMD+ shortcuts for textarea buttons
  • Fix error when clicking link without »href« attribute.
  • The cache is now being flushed on user data changes
  • Fixed bug in dynamic field options for select fields and checkboxes in user forms
  • Fixes an error, when clicking »Show/Download« in context menu
  • Better error handling on unexpected errors without a proper error message
  • Fixed loading of the correct panel.min.css instead of the uncompressed file.
  • Updated translations: Swedish, Spanish (Latin America), Bulgarian, Hungarian, Japanese, Indonesian, Norwegian and Dutch


  • Fixed bugs in prev/next methods for pages
  • Fixed a possible issue with recursion in hooks
  • Added detection for dimensions, (width, height, ratio, etc.) in SVG files


  • New f::resolve method, which replaces GLOB_BRACE functionality
  • Better mime type detection, which solves upload issues on servers without fileinfo extension
  • Fixed email validation with the format 'Name email@domain.tdl'
  • Updated the miminum requirements in the readme

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