Kirby 2.0.1

The first update for Kirby 2 is available now on and on Github.

This update is a bugfix release with many small fixes and improvements. There are also quite a bunch of new translations available for the panel. Thanks to our wonderful translators for making this possible.

Please read the update instructions for further help with this release.


  • Minor toolkit bugfixes
  • Fixed routing and language detection for multi-language sites
  • thisURL() is back
  • Removed the built-in debugger, which is not as helpful yet as it should be (sorry for that)
  • Better loading order for plugins, so they have access to routes and vice versa.
  • New parsedown version
  • New edit button for pages and files to make it clearer how to manage files and pages.
  • Various bugfixes for the panel and panel fields
  • New translations (cz, id, ru, sv, tr)

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