Kirby 2.0.0 beta 1

I'm so happy and excited to finally and officially launch the first beta for Kirby 2.

It has been a very long time since I started working on this and it turned out to be much harder to come up with a second major release than I thought. I hope I can find the time soon to write a bit more about this — let's call it "interesting" — journey :)

I believe that the results are worth all the troubles and I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

The new panel design. More screenshots…

About the beta

It's the first and a half beta. I launched a pre-release before the weekend on Twitter and already started to fix the first bugs. Please keep in mind that it is a beta though. There will be bugs, missing features and things that aren't as smoothly as they will be in the final version. I decided to make this beta public to give you a chance to look at it as soon as possible and to get as much feedback and bug reports as possible. I believe that this is the fastest way to get this baby out there.

Please don't use this for production yet and please understand that I cannot give support with the setup, general PHP stuff or any features during the beta.

This beta is intended for anyone who knows how to use Git and Github and how to submit issues there. You should already be familiar with Kirby and PHP.

Submitting issues and feedback

Please stick to Github issues for all kind of feedback and bug reports. I can keep track of things there way easier than on Twitter or via Email.

Issues with Kirby in general

Issues with the panel

Issues with toolkit classes or methods


The easiest way to get the last version of the beta is with Git:

git clone --recursive

Alternatively you can download Beta 1 from here:


Kirby 2 requires PHP 5.3 or newer. I'm really sorry if you still should have PHP 5.2 on your server. I had to make the decision to go for a newer minimum version because it makes so many awesome features possible. PHP 5.4 should be standard everywhere and if it is not you should definitely contact your hosting provider. Older versions of PHP don't get any security updates anymore, so it's definitely better to move forward.

Preliminary docs & what's new

I started writing down the first docs for Kirby 2 and an overview page for what's new. In most places the old docs are still valid, but there's some very cool new stuff and also some subtle changes — especially if you run Kirby's multi-language site setup. So far it's just a collection of Markdown files and there are still a lot undocumented goodies. Just check back from time to time or follow updates on Twitter Any feedback or pull requests for the docs are also very welcome.

A new starterkit

I'm super happy that Sascha created a beautiful new default theme for Kirby. We put it together with a preconfigured panel in the so called starterkit to make it easier for you to play with Kirby. A bare-bone boilerplate without any templating overhead will be available soon as well.

Migration from Kirby 1 to 2

Right now it might still be a bit bumpy to migrate a Kirby 1 site to Kirby 2. The plugin system is not 100% compatible yet, accounts, custom panel fields and custom kirbytags are incompatible. But please note that this is only because of its beta status. I'm working on a super smooth transition. So don't worry if you just started building a website with Kirby 1. The migration will be easy in the end. Please submit all your migration issues on Github. This will help to improve it.

Free upgrade

I already promised this a while ago. Kirby 2 will be a free upgrade! It doesn't matter if you buy a Kirby 1 license today.

Feedback please :)

Now it's your turn. Just give it a spin and let me know what you think — what you like, what you hate, what you expect for the official launch — anything!

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