Kirby 2.0.0

After more than two years of work, we are super excited to finally tell you today that Kirby 2 is here!

New features

This release is not just an upgrade, it's an entire new system. It's rewritten from scratch with the focus on faster performance, an even better API with tons of new features and a core that is much more extensible than before.

The new panel has a brand new design, super flexible new customization options and tons of new features as well.

Instead of listing all the shiny new additions and improvements here, you should really just give it a try. There's a new starterkit, with a cool new default theme, which you can get up and running in a matter of seconds.

New pricing model

It has been a tough decision how to move forward with Kirby's pricing model.

The transparency of keeping the source code for Kirby open is something that is personally very important to me. It means being honest with you. It means that every potential Kirby user can make sure Kirby is the right tool for the next project. It means not spending time on ridiculous anti-piracy protection. It means that we can directly collaborate on Kirby's source code with you on Github. It's in my opinion the perfect mixture between open-source and a commercial project.

This model only works though, because there are many of you out there who believe in the project and in supporting it. It works because the target audience for Kirby is mostly professionals.

This model does not necessarily work for people who want to build a small personal website with Kirby though. When your project has no budget, even the €30 / $39 are sometimes too much to ask for and we completely understand that. Yet I believe that Kirby is a fantastic tool for everyone to get started building websites and especially the small, personal ones.

That's why we decided to split the license into two new options:

Personal license

€15 / $19 (excluding VAT)

  • A single website
  • Personal use only!
  • No support
  • No volume discounts

Pro license

€79 / $99 (excluding VAT)

  • A single website
  • Unlimited commercial use
  • Personal email support
  • Volume discounts

The more expensive professional license will help us spend more time on the huge roadmap for Kirby and to improve the support for you. Kirby has grown up into a professional tool with this new release and we'd love to keep it growing.

At the same time Kirby becomes much more affordable for personal websites and we think this is great! The source code stays the same for both licenses. There's no cut in features for the personal one and you will get the same high-quality docs and tutorials.

Free upgrade for Kirby 1 users

To give every Kirby 1 user a chance to upgrade and run a commercial project with Kirby 2, we decided to offer a free professional license upgrade! Just keep your Kirby 1 license key, which will still be valid for Kirby 2.

In casing of moving an existing Kirby 1 project to Kirby 2 please check out the corresponding upgrade guide in the docs!

Voluntary upgrade packages

We've heard from quite a lot of our beta users though that they still want to pay for the upgrade. This blew our minds and of course this is possible. We offer three voluntary upgrade packages. You won't get any special feature with those upgrades, but you will definitely get a very special place in our hearts!

New website, docs and forum

As you might have already noticed, everything on this site is new as well. We've spent hundreds of hours to revamp the Kirby website, the docs and the forum.

We've turned everything upside-down to better structure the content and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Additionally the site, docs, forum and shop are completely responsive to finally make it enjoyable to move around on a mobile device.

New cheat sheet

We are especially proud of the new cheat sheet, which moved from the old dusty PDF into a great new page with lots of code examples and explanations.

Kirby illustration by Jon Burgerman

With the updated design there's also one very special new element on this website. You might have noticed it hovering in the background. I saw Jon Burgerman speak at the beyond tellerrand conference in May and he blew me away with his humor and his brilliant illustrations. His style is really one of a kind. Sometimes art does something to you, which is very hard to explain. His illustrations feel like the perfect resemblance of the creative inspirational chaos inside my brain whenever I get started with a new project. It's something very personal, but Kirby has always been a very personal project too. I'm so happy that he agreed to create an illustration just for Kirby. It feels like the perfect companion for this site and I really hope that it might inspire you as well for your next project.

Broken links?

While we believe that the site is much cleaner and more easy to navigate now there might possibily be broken links here and there. Please let us know if you get stuck somewhere:

New home on Github

Finally Kirby's source found a new home on Github with our new Kirby organisation. Even the source code for the entire site will be there soon for you to explore.

Get started

Enough words. Let's get started with Kirby 2!

  1. Download the starterkit
  2. Read the brand new docs
  3. Have fun, maybe buy a license or two and let us know how you like it.

Bastian and Sascha

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