Kirby 1.0.9

1.0.9 is here!

It's been a while since the last release, because I put a lot of time into the Kirby Panel But I'm happy to announce that the new version has a few great new features – and of course some bug fixes.

New Features

Markdown Extra

It's been a very popular request to have support for things like tables, footnotes and other features of the famous Markdown Extra class by Michel Fortin. So far Kirby used the standard PHP Markdown class, which offers great support for all common Markdown features. It was possible to replace that class in the Kirby core, but it was more of a hack and whenever you wanted to update to a newer Kirby version, the Markdown Extra class would be replaced by the regular class again.

With the latest version, all you need to do, to get Markdown Extra support, is to switch it on in site/config/config.php

c::set('markdown.extra', true);


You were able to filter pages by fields for quite a while. For example to filter pages by tags:

$filtered = $page->children()->filterBy('tags', 'design', ',');

Now it's also possible to use that on files:

// get all jpgs
$filtered = $page->files()->filterBy('extension', 'jpg');

// get all files with a particular name
$filtered = $page->files()->filterBy('name', 'somename');

404 Error headers

So far, error pages were served with a regular 200 HTTP status code, which is of course not correct. Now a proper 404 code will be sent for error pages.

For more information about changes, take a look at the Changelog

How to update?

Download the latest version and extract the ZIP. Remove the old kirby system folder from your site and replace it with the new one from the latest version.

Also make sure to empty your cache folder if you have caching enabled

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