Kirby 1.0.7

1.0.7 is here!

This version improves performance for older PHP versions and also fixes the "Too deep object nesting" bug.

It also includes an updated .htaccess version, which is no longer a binary file to avoid permission problems on some servers. It also contains a new section of recommended, optional htaccess values.

Flipping files

The new version also includes a new ->flip() method for files. flip() has always been available for pages and is very handy if you want to reverse the order of a set of pages. Now you can do the same with files. I.e.

// get all files for the current page in reverse order
$files = $page->files()->flip();

// get all images for the current page in reverse order
$image = $page->images()->flip();

How to update?

Download the latest version and extract the ZIP. Remove the old kirby system folder from your site and replace it with the new one from the latest version.

Also make sure to empty your cache folder if you have caching enabled

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