Kirby 1.0.5

1.0.5 is here and brings some bug fixes and improvements and one main new feature.
I've been asked by a bunch of users, who wanted to use Kirby as a blog system primarily, if it would be possible to have article URLs without an additional subdirectory in the URL.

Right now you could add all the articles to a blog folder and got URLs like:

With the new release it is possible to setup your blog as the homepage without that nasty blog in the URL:

It takes two steps to set this up:

Create a blog folder and put all your articles in there.
Go to site/config/config.php and set…

c::set('home', 'blog');

This will make your new blog folder the source for the homepage. You can delete the old home folder afterwards. All article URLs will still have blog in the URL, so we need to add a new line to the .htaccess file to remove that:

RedirectMatch 301 ^/blog/(.*)$ /$1

This line will redirect to and Kirby will take care of displaying the correct content for you.

How to update?

Download the latest version and extract the ZIP. Remove the old kirby system folder from your site and replace it with the new one from the latest version. That's it!

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