Kirby 1.0.2

I just uploaded 1.0.2 to Github. It fixes a bug in the sortBy() methods for pages and files for earlier versions of PHP 5.3, so everybody who had problems with sorting should definitely update!

I've also included title and class attributes in most kirbytext tags. Here are some examples:

(link: text: Kirby title: My Title class: mylink)

(email: title: Send me an email! class: myemail)

(image: image.jpg alt: Some Alt Text title: My Image Title class: myimage)

(youtube: class: youtube)

(vimeo: class: vimeo)

To keep the changelog updated more easily, I moved it to the kirby system folder.

And you can now configure the pagination variable and method in your config file:

// those are the defaults
c::set('pagination.variable', 'page');
c::set('pagination.method', 'params');
// this will result in pagination urls like this:

// this is what happens with customized values
c::set('pagination.variable', 'pagina');

c::set('pagination.method', 'query');

Who should update?

This is a recommended update for all users, but especially if you got problems with sorting of pages or files.

How to update?

Download the latest version here.
Replace your old kirby system folder with the new kirby system folder from the download.

You can also remove the old changelog.mdown file in your main site folder.

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