Kirby 1.0.1

The first update for Kirby is available on Github:
Here's the direct download link

The update includes a crucial fix for broken content. This occurred so far only on sites hosted on Mediatemple, but it might occur on other server setups as well.

I've also changed the embed code for Youtube and Vimeo videos to the iframe versions, so videos will run on with the HTML5 player instead of the flash player wherever possible. Read more about embedding Youtube and Vimeo videos in the docs. Thanks to @nirusu for the suggestion.

There's also a slight update to the css() and js() functions, as suggested by

How to update?

Updating is super simple. Download the latest version and extract the ZIP. Replace the old kirby folder (/kirby) with the new kirby folder from the ZIP. That's it.

A word about the release cycle

I'm not aiming for a Firefox release cycle with new major versions every other day. But whenever there's a crucial bug fix, I will upload a new version on Github.

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