Kirby 1.0.0

1.0 is here

I couldn't be more excited about this – Kirby is finally ready to go public.

Kirby is a file-based CMS, which is very easy to setup, easy to use and yet flexible as hell.

I've spent the last weeks with a bunch of awesome testers to fix the last bugs and to fine-tune the system and Kirby has finally grown up and is ready to be released into the world wild web.

You can now buy a license for 30 € / $ 39 per website. It's a one-time fee without any additional monthly costs. Thanks to FastSpring you can securely pay with Paypal or any major Credit Card.

With purchasing a license you are giving me the chance to spend more time on developing and improving Kirby and to build some of the awesome stuff, which is on the…

Kirby Roadmap

Kirby's main concept is to be as small and handy as possible. Nothing is worse than a bloated system. The main goal for the core of Kirby is to steadily improve its API and keeping it rock-solid without adding too many additional features. I think Kirby is already extremely mighty for its small size.

Free extensions

So it's all about plugins and snippets, which can be added on-demand to extend Kirby's functionalities. The Kirby Extension Repo already has a great set of open-source plugins and snippets, which you can use at no extra cost to add features like a search, videos or maps to your Kirby-flavoured sites. I will be providing more official snippets and plugins and I hope that there will be also a lot of third-party extensions soon.


It's always tough to learn a new system and to find out how mighty it actually is. I've already started with a number of tutorials in the Kirby Blog to help you get started more easily. I will add more tutorials as often as possible, so you will get the best introduction and help for Kirby.

The Kirby Panel

It's still top-secret – well, not that secret anymore – but there will be a web interface for Kirby. There's no release date I can tell you right now, but I'm already working on it.

Free Trial

Read more about how to get a free trial…


Let me say thank you to all the beta testers, which helped me so much with their feedback and bug reports in the last weeks. There are so many awesome helpful people out there on the web. Thanks guys!

One last word: I hope you'll like Kirby and we'll see some more sites built with Kirby and ♥ soon :) If you got any questions or feedback, please let me know:

Cheers, Bastian

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