Thank you for a wonderful year!

I was planning to write a big review for this year, as it has really been a fantastic year. But there's this saying that life is what happens while you are making plans. Last week my family and I have been reminded of how fragile life really is and how fragile your dearest plans can be.

So instead of the big review I just want to thank you all. I'm more grateful than ever for all the support you gave me in the last twelve months. Kirby has been growing strong with exciting new features, plugins, themes and wonderful new websites that you all built on top of it. It still feels like a dream to me whenever I open the forum or my inbox and read through all the discussions and feedback or to see the growing number of translators and contributors.

I'm also super thankful and proud of my little team that is steadily growing. Nico has helped me so much this year with new features and Sonja and Lukas are doing an amazing job with all the help they provide in the forum. They really rock! But I guess you already knew that :)

There are so many plans for 2016 and I can't wait to get started again. But I hope you all understand that this year's Christmas break has to be more extended and quiet form my end to help my family and me to recover.

I will try to answer important support requests as good and fast as I can, but if I can't answer in time, I hope that the forum will help you out for now.

I expect to return in full strength in the second week of January.

I wish you all a peaceful and happy few more days in 2015 and a wonderful and healthy start in 2016.

— Bastian

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