It's Kirby's third birthday

I can't believe three years have already passed since Kirby's first release on January 9, 2012. A lot happened in the meantime and I can't thank you enough for your constant support and feedback throughout those three years. It means the world to me that my little software baby is still growing strong with your help. There's more to come — a lot more — and I can't wait to share it with you.

The first Kirby Shirt

As a little birthday present to the Kirby community I'm extremely excited that there will finally be Kirby shirts! My wonderful wife Nadine gave me this amazing present for Christmas and finally pushed me to get that shirt done.

With her help we also found a great printer for the shirts, who offers high-quality, organic and fair trade shirts.

Pre-orders starting today

Since we have absolutely no idea of how many shirts we should print and in which sizes, we are starting non-binding pre-orders today until Feburary 1st. Afterwards you will be notified to make the final purchase and we will send your orders to the printer.

We made a little page for all the details about the shirt and the pre-order.
We can't wait to get them printed and send them out to you.

A couple last words

Let me use this chance to say a huge thank you to Sascha, who has been one of the first Kirby users ever and became a really good friend over the years. He helped me tremendiously with the launch of Kirby 2 and is still constantly working on improving the Kirby website. Without his help I would have been lost so many times.

And finally thank you to Nadine, my love, who is always there for me. Without her Kirby would not be possible — and there would be no shirts :)


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