Kirby’s roadmap

We decided this summer to go a very unusual way with our Kirby next project and let our users take part in our journey to Kirby’s next major release. This has been a step with many unknowns for us and we are super happy that it turned out in a very positive way.

So far more than 170 people joined our Supporter Slack and follow each and every step of our work.

What started as an experiment turned into a productivity machine. Being followed by so many has helped to focus on important steps and on ways of documenting the process that would probably not have happend otherwise. With weekly live-streams, we demo every tiny iteration, every step ahead and every failure. It has become a brilliant way to reflect what we are working on and the feedback from our supporters has been invaluable.

Kirby 2 vs. Kirby 3

But while our supporters are very much up to date with the current state of Kirby 3, we left the rest in the dark. That's why we want to shed some light on the upcoming roadmap today and also give some information on your current licenses and licenses you might want to buy soon.

While we made great progress and a first alpha of Kirby 3 is going out to supporters in the next weeks, we won't launch Kirby 3 until next year. It's important to us to make the upgrade process from 2 to 3 as simple as possible and yet move drastically forward with our code base. We plan to reach full compatibility between Kirby 2 and Kirby 3 templates. But in order to get there we need more time. Especially time to test.

This means that Kirby 2 will be around for the next months and we will keep to our monthly release cycle with improvements and new features. Kirby 2.5.6 has just been released.

Your Kirby 2 licenses and upgrade pricing

We don't just want to make the technical part of upgrading painless, we also want to make it financially fair. That's why we decided to upgrade every Kirby 2 license that has been bought on or after October 11th, 2017 for free. You will automatically receive a shiny matching Kirby 3 license after the launch.

For those who bought Kirby 2 earlier, we will provide very affordable upgrade packages and also volume discounts for the upgrade.

October Sale

If you plan to launch your new site soon, it's now the perfect time to buy a Kirby license without risk and with our October Sale you'll get a 20% discount on any license type or supporter package until Monday, October 16th.

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