Kirby 2 - new site and docs preview

Just before I leave for some long awaited vacations, Sascha and I are super excited to show you a preview of the new website and docs for Kirby 2. We've been working on this for the last weeks and it's finally starting to take shape.

Keep in mind that this is a preview. Kirby 2 will launch in about a month and the new site will be work-in-progress until then.

The docs are not 100% complete yet, but they should give you a great start with Kirby 2. We've rewritten and restructured almost every part of the site, so please be aware that links might still be broken, there might be browser issues and some content might be missing.

In this situation we are super happy about any kind of feedback. So whenever you find an issue in the docs or on the other pages, please let us know:

Make sure to check out the new quick search on the docs page and the new cheat sheet.

I will be away for two weeks now, so please be patient when not all emails will be answered immediately.

See you on the other side,

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