Kirby 2.1.0 is here!

Let's face it: I'm not good with version numbers :) With the start of Kirby 2 I swore to myself to come up with smaller feature releases more often, instead Kirby 2.1 took more than seven months.

But as with all good resolutions, reality kicks in sometimes and the last seven months have been full of fantastic feedback and a growing community that came up with too many great ideas. I somehow felt the pressure that 2.1 should be rather good and so it took longer than expected and still there's soooo many on the todo list for 2.2.

I think this is a great release though and after finishing the full changelog for it, it became pretty clear how much work has gone into this.

This is the perfect time to send a massive shout out to Nico (@distantnative) for helping me with this release over the last weeks. With Sascha's (@sashtown) support with the website and now Nico helping me with the development, it all feels easier and more fun than ever before and I'm super thankful for having them in the team.

New dedicated changelog

Instead of littering the blog with huge update notices there's a brand new changelog section with all updates since Kirby 1. I will setup a feed for it shortly.

You can find all the changes and new features of this release over here:

New Langkit

More and more people use Kirby for multi-language websites and I thought it is about time to create a multi-language starterkit. For now you can only pull it from Github. I'm working on a fully downloadable version.

Download Kirby 2.1.0

Update instructions

Please follow the update instructions for your existing Kirby site.


With our new discourse forum integration for comments in the blog you can instantly start discussing this version below this article. I'm super excited to hear your thoughts.

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