Case Study: Interface Lovers

The fine folks behind Panda published a new online magazine for creative professionals called Interface Lovers. The site is packed with interesting interviews, providing a peek into what turns the best designers on about pixels and perfection. Interface Lovers makes its rounds on Twitter, Facebook and Co. and hit number one on Product Hunt. The team gave us a glimpse behind the curtain and told us how they run Interface Lovers with Kirby.

What made the decision to choose Kirby for Interface Lovers?

We love the simplicity and flexibility of Kirby.

We love the beautiful lazy image loading effect on your site. How did you build this?

We used a combination of plugins. To extract the dominant color of each
image we used the Kirby plugin kirby-dominant-color made by Guillaume Picard. When an image is uploaded to the panel the dominant color is automatically extracted and stored. The lazy loading is achieved using the jquery.lazy plugin.

Can you tell us a bit more about the technical setup for Interface Lovers?

Sure! For hosting, we are currently hosting it on a $10 DigitalOcean droplet. So far, this is has been more than enough to handle the traffic that we’ve gotten on the site, so it’ll probably stay that way for now. As for the CDN, we’re just using Cloudflare right now. As for the web server, we’re using Caddy.

If you could make a wish for the next version of Kirby, what would it be?

Personally, we’ve been pretty satisified with Kirby as-is. There’s some
small UX woes that could be fixed (being able to drag and drop multiple
images into a textarea in the control panel. And perhaps a good feature
around managing content between machines. Other than that though, it’s been
a joy and a pleasure to use. Thank you for developing it!

The team behind Interface Lovers:

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