New Kirby Forum based on Discourse

I'm very happy to let you know that Kirby has a brand new forum:

Why a new forum?

The self-made forum software, built on Kirby, worked very well over the last years, but I had to realize that it was simply not cutting it anymore. It was great to have full control over the design and every aspect of it, but I did not have enough time to extend it to something really useful for the community. I had to realize that it was actually slowing the communication between members down instead of speeding it up and that's not good.

It's amazing to see how friendly and supportive the Kirby community is and I enjoy each and every conversation via the support inbox and Github. The forum however always felt like something I couldn't keep up with and I think you could feel that too.

Meet Discourse

I checked lots of alternatives and ended with a software called Discourse. It is used by many big names, such as Twitter, Ember.js, HBO, Imgur and a lot more.

Discourse brings a new spirit to forums. You can feel instantly that it's all about boosting communication. You get all the nice things, the old forum never had — notifications, private messages, user profiles, top posts, latest posts, realtime replies, etc. Probably one of the most important aspects is, that you can now start a new account with Github, Google or Twitter accounts or simply by creating a stand-alone account for the forum. This is another huge step to include more users.

You should really give it a try: It's so much fun!!

The old Forum

The account architecture for the old forum was super minimalistic. We only collected Twitter usernames. This was great form a privacy standpoint, but is now making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to move old accounts, topics and replies. Since there is also still a lot of Kirby 1 content stored in the old forum, we decided to make a clear cut and start fresh with the new forum. I know that this is a difficult step and of course we don't want to loose all the content and knowledge you've collected over the last years. Therefor the old forum will go into read-only mode starting next week and stay as an archive for old topics and replies.

Starting from scratch

If you have some ongoing discussions or unsolved questions, please do us a favor and move them over to the new forum. It sometimes might be enough to just link to the old topic and then continue with replies or copy/paste your question.

We are also working on new categories. Some of the categories in the old forum, just didn't match or were confusing. Let us know if you can't find the right category for your topics or if you would like to suggest a new one. There's already a thread about that:

I can't wait to meet you all there. I'm sure it's going to be a great place for lots of new conversations and I'm excited to hear your thoughts and feedback!


P.S. one more time:

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