Welcome, Sascha!

Over the last year it got very difficult to run Kirby as a one-man project in a way I was happy with. The development for Kirby 2 was much too slow and I often failed to keep up with all the incoming support requests.

Last week I announced that I founded my own company for Kirby to put more focus on it in the future, which has been a very important step in the right direction.

Today I'm super happy to welcome Sascha Lack on board as the first official Kirby team member.

I got in contact with Sascha as one of the first Kirby users and the first third-party theme developer. He's the creator of the Baseblog theme and the genius Smart Projects app.

The world is a small place and it was nice to find out that he's based in Mannheim as well. We met a couple of times over the last year, worked on client projects together and it became more and more obvious that he's the right guy to trust and to help me with Kirby.

Sascha will move the site, docs and support forward, while I can focus more on the development of Kirby 2.

We are currently trying various systems, especially for better email support. So if you should try to contact us and receive an email from a ticket system, be assured that it is just us, trying our best to get organized and to help you out :)

You can now reach us at the following email addresses:


Or on Twitter


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