A new search

We've been working hard with our new partner Algolia to bring you a better, faster and more extensive search for the Kirby docs and blog.

From now on the new search will be available for you on every page, right in the main menu. Thanks to Algolia's amazing performance, the search offers instant suggestions directly while you type.

We think it's a big step ahead to get you to the most important docs and info about Kirby faster.

Algolia Plugin

Search can be a really tricky feature and a bad search is sometimes even worse than no search at all. Algolia takes away a lot of the pain of creating your own search or running your own dedicated search server. To make it easier for you, to get started with Algolia, we've created a Kirby plugin, which is also in use on our own site. You can grab it directly from Github:


Please refer to the plugin's readme and to Algolia's documentation for further advice on how to get started.

Our partners

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