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Kirby 2 - new site and docs preview

Kirby 2 Beta 2

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Welcome, Sascha!

My own company

How to add authors to your articles

Happy Holidays!

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Quick Tip: Odd/Even Revisited

New Reference Platform for Kirby 2

Kirby – a free prototyping tool

Kirby 2 will be a free upgrade

Kirby 2 – Sneak Peek

Fun with menus

Kirby, Y U NO HAZ template engine?

Kirby 1.1.2 and Panel 0.9.2

Kirby’s first birthday

The best christmas gift ever

Project management with Kirby

Frontend Authentication with Kirby

How to build a “one-pager” with Kirby

Kirby 1.1.1 and Kirby Panel 0.9

Fun with loops


Joyent builds on Kirby

The New Panel Tags Field

Kirby meets 6Wunderkinder

beyond tellerrand 2012

Kirby meets Dropbox

The Related Pages Plugin

Kirby Code Snippets Thread

How to add template-specific CSS files

“Professional quotes”

Kirby 1.1.0 + Panel 0.8

How to fix broken Wordpress URLs

Quick Tip: How to switch on PHP errors

The Smashing Conference

Kirby Text Formatting 101

Quick Tip: Media Queries – Kirby-style

The Kirby Forum

The Kirby Cheat Sheet

Panel 0.7 – First Beta Release

Quick Tip: Set a different homepage title

Multi-Language Preview


Read Later Plugin

Kirby Panel 0.6

Kirby Toolkit 101

The Reading Time Plugin

How to use the new email plugin

Volumen and Student discounts

Public Admin Panel Alpha


Structured Field Content


Sitemap for search engines


New Tweets Plugin

Kirby loves MySQL

Protect your content files

A little experiment…


Fancybox Galleries

Kirby Meets Masonry

Custom Post Types For Your Blog


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Kirby and the Bootstrap Carousel


Extending Kirbytext

How to handle tags


Generating JSON with Kirby


1.0.2 is here!

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Custom metatags

1.0.1 is here!

How to install Kirby on MAMP

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Multi-environment setup

How to add a search to your site

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How to add Google Maps to your site

How to add comments to your blog

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Art-directed blog posts

The mighty, mighty URI-object

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How to build a blog with Kirby

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